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Panel Systems

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Metal Roof Systems

If there ever was a building product with guaranteed longevity, it would be a metal roof system. Take a look in historic neighborhoods and you’ll likely see metal on these buildings. Today’s steel has coatings that will stand up for decades with little to no maintenance, and if you add a painted finish, the steel and paint will work together to far outlast any other conventional roof product.

Metal Wall Panel Systems

When you drive through commercial or industrial areas, you’re going to see many of the buildings with painted metal wall panels. They may run the full height or begin from a masonry knee wall. These panels are both highly functional and economic. Because they are relatively light by nature, the structure that supports them can be equally lightened thus reducing cost. Add fiberglass or board insulation and you’ll end up with an extremely efficient system.

Insulated Panel Systems

This term is sometimes used as a generic description for a building envelope. It is, however, referring to a factory assembled panel that can be both industrial and Architectural. In industrial applications it is used on a variety of purposed structures from refrigerated warehousing to large manufacturing. In Architectural uses, it can clad in horizontal, vertical, or both orientations to enclose and offer an aesthetic option for buildings by design professionals.


Retrofit Wall and Roof Systems

As a building ages, the primary function will remain as long as the owner pays attention to the integrity of its envelope. One option to renewing either the roof or wall system is to re-clad using a metal product. With a wide variety of panel profiles to select from, you can enhance your aging building’s appearance while increasing its thermal efficiency. Metal re-roofing in particular will accomplish this as the lion’s share of heat loss occurs through the roof.

Architectural Panel Systems

When referring to Architectural panels, it is inferred that the cladding is making a serious impact on the building’s appearance. Architectural panels can range from the basic form and function, to the wildly colorful and ornate, with many levels in between. Some materials within this category include Architectural Plate, Aluminum Composite, Textured Steel or Aluminum, Patterned High Density Plastic, Reinforced Cement, and Terra Cotta. Combined with the appropriate sub-framing and insulation, all of these products offer unique yet functional building styles.

Roof Screens and Louvers

All public buildings require some level of mechanical conditioning, whether it’s heating, cooling, and in most cases both. Mechanical equipment that usually resides on a roof needs room to breathe but doesn’t necessarily need to be seen. A multitude of roof screen options can maintain mechanical function while concealing it. Attractive mechanical louvers and a variety of panel systems can keep the distractions on a roof from ruining the view.